Nuova Sima

Nuova Sima was established as an integrated technical-production unit with the task of providing an effective response to all the ceramic industry’s end-of-line requirements, namely: automatic inspection, packaging and palletization plus machines and systems for mosaic, third fire, trims, handling and storage.

The long-standing headquarters of Nuova Fima now combines the output and integrates the technologies of key brands such as:

Nuova Fima, for over 35 years a leading supplier of ceramic factory automation equipment with over 3,000 successfully installed production lines.

Surface Inspection, an automatic inspection system specialist with over 25 years’ experience and over 700 successfully installed devices: the company designs, develops and produces automatic tile inspection systems that carry out meticulous quality control.

SIMA operates in the industrial automation sector and provides general-purpose industrial handling systems featuring sophisticated high-performance LGVs (laser guided vehicles) and internal transport, warehousing and storage solutions.

KEMAC is a key partner in the success of third fire, trim and ceramic accessory manufacturers.
Automation produces machines and complete integrated solutions for sorting, packaging, palletizing and handling tiles.

With 95 years of experience, the SACMI GROUP has an excellent organisational structure that ensures far-reaching, permanent assistance and after sales service all over the globe.

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