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Processsmaster is the evolution of a concept that Surface Inspection has been developing for over 10 years. It is
specifically designed to inspect ceramic tiles prior to firing.
Processmaster is designed to be installed at the end of
the glazing line. Extremely compact (0.4 m), this machine
features an IP65 degree of  protection making it capable
of withstanding the harsh environmental conditions
present in the areas where glazing lines are installed.
The machine, installed on an existing conveyor, is equipped
with a color camera and symmetrical LED lighting
system which ensures improved Inglight stability, consistency
and a longer service life.

As the Processmaster performs the inspection procedure continuously the operator receives real-time information useful for promptly solving problems. The faults detected are divided into two categories
•  Mechanical defects
•  Decoration defects
The system provides this information in different ways, through fault messages, production reports or by displaying information on remote screens.

Advantages of Processmaster  

Immediate and accurate defect detection allows corrective
actions to be taken as soon as faults are identified.
As a result, the percentage of top quality products is
much higher. In addition, Processmaster allows recovery
of the tile mix. Taking into consideration the information provided by the systems used, production quality is from 3% to 5% higher
which based on our experience, based on data obtained
from real Processmaster installations, is a gradual
process that usually takes from 3 to 6 months to achieve.

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