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Over twenty years of experience has allowed Surface Inspection to develop the avant-garde Flawmaster machine setting new boundaries in the field of automatic tile inspection systems. This has been achieved thanks to the vast experience acquired from the hundreds of systems sold and installed worldwide, compact
design of the devices, use of LED lighting systems and user-friendliness that allows
parameters to be easily set and adjusted.

These machines permit constant and repeatable inspection independent from
the work shift. Tile inspection takes place at various angles detecting
different defects such as:
•  Surface defects
•  Mechanical defects (corner, edge)
•  Reflection and decoration defects
•  Contamination
along with shade and gloss

Connected to any sorting machine, the Flawmaster replaces human inspection.
It works with a wide set of algorithms to identify defects in a broad range of floor and wall tiles.
With increased detection capabilities, exceptional processing power and stateof-
the-art hardware, the Flawmaster line of machines is user friendly and able to
inspect tiles, with dark or complex decorations at speeds of up to 1000 m²/hour (normal output calculated for sizes ranging from 40x40 to 120x120 cm).
Network connection possible  to manage data collection and production reports.

Automatic final tile inspection allows productivity and performance to be increased
while obtaining numerous benefits:
•  High inspection rate
•  Optimized tile flow
•  Fewer shutdowns
•  Quality benefits
•  Uniform inspection
•  Reduction in claims
•  Continuous monitoring of production defects.

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