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EkoRoll™ Eco-sustainable  packaging

There are two types of system currently adopted in the ceramic industry for packaging stacks of tiles ready for palletisation: “wrap” and “cover”.
With the aim of overcoming the limits imposed by conventional technology. Nuova Fima has developed EkoRoll™, a unique system based on a simplified packaging concept for both medium-small, medium-large and very large sizes.
It is an innovative type of wrap packaging system that uses two kids of corrugated die-cut cardboard and a patented closure system to enable it to package very large tile sizes.

On the one hand, EkoRoll™ offers protection around the entire perimeter of the stack of tiles, including the corners. The cardboard sheets overlap at the center of two opposing sides of the box, allowing the corners of the stacks – the most vulnerable points – to be completely enclosed.
At the same time it allows for considerable financial saving compared to existing technologies, with a cost reduction that can reach 60% for large sizes, depending on the formats. Alongside the financial advantages, there are also clear environmental benefits deriving from the use of smaller quantities of cardboard (reduction in packaging waste and savings in energy and row materials required to produce the packaging).
EkoRoll™ Production advantages

In addition to the abovementioned environmental sustainability advantages, using EkoRoll™ also provides other benefits including  dramatic reduction in carton stocks. EkoRoll™ provides made-to-measure blanks in real time starting from a roll of plain corrugated cardboard; this is cut and colour printed before subsequent production stages are performed. EkoRoll™ maximises storage rationalisation; stocks are drastically reduced and are not bound to any particular size or brand/logo as they take the form of plain cardboard rolls.
EkoRoll™ allow products to be processed on both feed sides, from a minimum of 200 mm up to a
maximum of 1200 mm. Systems can also, on request, be personalised to give a minimum of 150 mm on one
side and a maximum of 1500 or 1800 mm on the other.

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