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Automatic vehicles for the food industry

Automatic vehicles for the food industry

The range of laser guided automatic vehicles by SIMA has widened with new vehicles specifically designed to operate together with the traditional product transport and storage systems.
LGV versions operating within drive-in scaffoldings or in the front of multi-layer scaffoldings with gravity roller devices are available.
Other vehicles are instead equipped with roller devices or catenaries on multi-pallet board, for a fast and efficient matching with the pallet conveyors with high productivity, for example at the entry of automatic warehouses.
The LGV vehicle is equipped with suitable safety devices for its operation in every step of the operating cycle.
All SIMA vehicles are controlled by a supervision system controlling and monitoring the vehicle missions, the radio communication and the acquisition of data and information on the conveyed product.
The data of the single conveyed products accompany the product through the whole handling cycle, ensuring a total product traceability.
Sima applies to its vehicles the laser guiding technology most evolved and advanced worldwide as for reliability and performance.


  • lifting strokes up to 4 m
  • in versions with single, double and triple pallet, with capacities up to 6000 kg
  • with different motor-drivings for transfer speeds (up to 60 m/' or up to 90 m/')
  • available in the version with manual battery change after a sound warning for the operator or with automatic recharging system while the vehicle is resting


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