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Synthesis and Genusis 

Synthesis and Genusis
have always been the perfect solution to meet the challenges of continuously and rapidly evolving markets in which it is necessary to handle a wide range of tile sizes. In fact, these machines are capable of handling ceramic tiles and strips in various sizes and thicknesses while notably saving energy, space and reducing production costs.

Extremely fast and flexible to meet all production requirements
Depending on the models and layouts, it is possible to handle:
Thicknesses from 4 to 25 mm. Sizes: ranging from 100x100 mm to 1200x1800 mm.

  • The stackers are capable of handling the entire range of product sizes without having to change any mechanical parts
  • Fully automatic size changeover, the operator has to simply enter a few instructions from the computer keyboard. In fact, easily retrievable configuration files are present.
The structure of Synthesis and Genusis has been simplified as stepper motors are employed for all mechanical movements.
Thanks to this solution no encoders, mechanical drives and position and speed detectors are used notably improving precision and repeatability of each movement. The drivers optimize motor control in order to obtain power supplied in relation to the weight of the material and speed required, remarkably reducing energy consumption.
Thanks to the simplified structure, access to the machine is easy and convenient and the amount of spare parts required in stock is drastically reduced.
Easy, precise and reliable.
A Windows®-based user friendly operator interface is employed to control operation of the entire machine. In addition to the standard functions, the computer system also provides useful production statistics and allows the machine to be remotely controlled (Ethernet networks, etc…).
A “field bus” is used for connection to all the digital inputs and outputs.
This simplifies maintenance of the electrical system and future installations.
The tiles are tilted when transferred to the stacker allowing them to be precisely placed and drastically reducing wear and tear of the main belt along with maintenance costs.
User friendly troubleshooting as the state of the inputs/outputs is displayed on the interface and remote connection is possible.

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