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Pallet handling


SIMA automatic guided vehicles for the pallet transport represent a complete and integrated solution for the automation of the finished product.
The fork vehicles collect the full pallets from the palletizer, feed empty pallets to the palletizer, transport the products to the thermo-wrapping oven and thereafter collect them for forming a pre-warehouse.
The packaged material is stacked and divided according to the code thanks to the product traceability in every step of the handling cycle.
The LGV vehicle is equipped with suitable safety devices for its operation in every step of the operating cycle.



  • with two different motor-drivings for transfer speeds (up to 60 m/' or up to 90 m/')
  • available in the version with manual battery change after a sound warning for the operator or with automatic recharging system while the vehicle is resting
  • capacity 1000/1500/2000 Kg
  • lifting 600/1000/2000 mm.


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